Monday, June 29, 2009

We Have a New Friend

I am excited to introduce you to our new friend! We first discovered him when my hubby was out back mowing and he hopped out of some tall grass. We suspect that this little guy is hanging out under the A/C compressor, and he comes out at night to eat bugs with his gecko friends. He come up to the patio when it gets dark and the lights from the house attract lots of bugs. When we scare him, he hops over and hides under the A/C. I figure he probably likes it under there with all the condensation and whatnot. So, here he is for your viewing pleasure - Mr. Toad!


JoMo said...

He is very cute! Frogs & toads are declining in numbers worldwide, so it's great to see one hopping around in your garden. Yay! I hope he does well this summer!

Kelly said...

Very interesting. Hope he doesn't start talking a lot. Ribit!
Found you on Chickens in the Road. Like your blog.