Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Closet

I have a fun story. One day a while back I noticed a weird little cluster of bug poo on the floor near our bedroom closet. That's a neat story, huh? Haha Ok, so that's not the whole story - It's just the beginning. Well after I saw it, I looked around for bugs and couldn't find any sign of them except the weird poo cluster. I cleaned it up and that was that. Or so I thought.

A week or so later, we were all ready to go to sleep, when we heard a rustling. This rustling brought the poo cluster to mind, and I told my husband about it. We figured that these two things might very well be related. After alot of looking around, we still couldn't find any bugs. It was quite a mystery, what was going on in our closet! We only heard this noise at night, so we figured it must be some sort of nocturnal creature. Haha Nevermind the fact that we really are only in there for an extended period of time at night, so it could have been rustling its little heart out all day and we never would have known! We were afraid it might be a mouse or something, even though the poos had looked way too small to be from a mouse. My husband suggested that we might catch this creature in the humane trap, so he brought it in and got it armed with peanut butter and set it out to hopefully catch the critter. It sat there for more than a week, and nothing happened. The dog didn't even bother it - Maybe I shouldn't buy that brand of peanut butter again.

Anyway, we gave up after a while. We resigned ourselves to the fact that we would be creeped out in our own bedroom by a rustling creature that had a knack for rustling just as we were dozing off. A couple of months went by. During this time, I found poo clusters a couple of times and we were serenaded by the rustling on a nightly basis. It was very frustrating. Yeah, we could have called an exterminator, but that would have taken all the mystery out of it! Besides, we never actually saw any bugs!

Well, last night I was getting ready for the bed. I was standing right at the closet and I heard the rustling. It wasn't coming from the closet, it was coming from the closet door! I thought I must be crazy. When my husband got out of the shower, I told him of this discovery and he set out to investigate. He went over to the door and it happened again. He tapped on the door and it happened a couple more times. You know what? There were ants in our closet door!

Here's my theory. A while back we were going to hang a mirror on the door and drilled holes in the wrong place. We never filled in the holes, so I figure they went in the holes and decided they liked it. We didn't like it, though, so hubby took the door off and carried it out to the garage. He plans to saw it open and see what's going on in there. We will be getting a new closet door at some point. There's not one there right now, but no door at all is better than a door that keeps us up at night!


pinkglitterfae said...

Noisy little buggers. Good thing you finally found out what it was, lol. That would drive me crazy :-)

Anonymous said...

I love this story. I know it must have been nerve racking and hard to sleep! So glad you resolved everything.


Susie said...

ugh.. how do ants make such a racket? That's icky. We've been having ants all over our home lately.. lots of rain does it. We have been using Ortho Home Defense MAX for inside and outside. It's odorless!

Michele said...

Weird! We may have a similar problem. In my studio there are 3 beams that go across the ceiling and on the shelf under one of them is always this pile of... well, I don't know... maybe it's ant poo!!!